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What is the Aluminum Forming Research Center?

The Center was established as a step towards a new type of manufacturing by Takano Co., Ltd. (a precision sheet metal company in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture) in 2019.

The center deals with aluminum forming using metal 3D printers based on Takano’s core strengths of technical capability (3D design and metal processing) and quality control capability. The center works to promote the utilization of metal 3D printers from Nagano Prefecture to all over Japan and the rest of the world.

(Selected as an FY2020 Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Japan Brand Development Assistance Program project and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Consortium for New Export Nation Program)

Our strengths

  • Metal processing knowledge cultivated through precision sheet metal business: Realization of high-quality manufacturing based on a foundation of the metal processing technical capabilities we have cultivated through our precision sheet metal business (50 years of history)
  • Metal 3D printer forming track record: We have a proven track record in a diverse range of forming focusing mainly on automotive parts and precision device manufacturers (Over 1,000 cumulative projects completed)
  • Forming quality based on research and testing: Numerical evaluation of everything from metal laminate forming basic properties to formed product quality through collaboration with research institutes (collaborations with industry, academia, and government)
Equipment TruPrint 1000 (TRUMPF)
Build capacity Φ96mm × H75mm
Materials Aluminum (AISi10Mg), contact us for a consultation. *We can also handle materials other than aluminum (resin, stainless steel, etc.).
Powder particle size 40 μm or smaller
Single layer overlay thickness 20μm
Precision Approximately ±0.1 mm
Surface quality Ra 5 to 10 μm
Equipment Mark Two (Markforged)
Build capacity 320mm × 132mm × 154mm
Fiber materials Carbon fibers, fiberglass, high temperature fiberglass, Kevlar
Layer height 100μm
Precision Approximately ±0.1 mm

Aluminum formed product properties

Aluminum powder materials

AlSi10Mg is an aluminum casting alloy with good casting properties and is the most common powdered material used to the degree that “aluminum for metal 3D printing” almost always refers to AlSi10Mg. The material has favorable strength, hardness, and dynamic properties, and is well-suited to prototype forming aimed at decreasing weight, integrating components, forming complex shapes, forming hollow cavities, and other advanced processing. The material can also be machine processed, electric erosion arc machined, welded, ground, painted, surface processed, or coated as necessary.

Tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, degree of elasticity, hardness

Test Tensile strength
Yield strength
Degree of elasticity
Hardness *
472 293 10 67 132
90° 468 280 6 63 127

All data are the average values from 3 test pieces.

*:Hardness was measured at 8-9 points per test piece, with no deviations found for each location

【[Reference] Aluminum die-cast products: Tensile strength: Approximately 310 MPa, General purpose aluminum alloy: Tensile strength: Approximately 260 MPa

Formed product cross-section and internal defect observation data


Cross-section observation

by metallograph (90°)





nternal defect observation

by X-ray CT (90°)



XD7600NT Diamond

The above are the test results (from tests implemented at the Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center) from test pieces, and are not guarantees regarding the performance, capacity, or properties of other formed products.


















Example solutions from our company’s formed products are listed below.
Please contact us for further details on any of our solutions.


Automotive industry ①

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to create prototype intake pipes in complex shapes.

TAKANO Solution

Pipes were formed using metal 3D printers and other parts were formed using machine processing. Welding was carried out by our company to create the products which the customer desired. (Turnaround time: 7 days)


Automotive industry②

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to create prototype heat sinks with complex shapes and thin plate thickness.

TAKANO Solution

We worked closely with the metal 3D printer manufacturer to prepare machine parameters specialized for this particular customer. We created the “complex shape” and “thin plate thickness” heat sink prototypes which the customer desired. (Turnaround time: 7 days)


Automotive industry③

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to create metal with a low apparent density.

TAKANO Solution

Creating a metal with a low apparent density was a difficult issue。However, we were able to produce the formed products as desired by finely tuning machine parameters. This project also resulted in us being able to produce “worn metal” and “metal which water could permeate”. (Turnaround time: 3 days)


Tool industry

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to form complex shape prototypes which could not be formed using conventional machining.

TAKANO Solution

We were able to form the complex shapes the customer desired while still maintaining the material strength. In addition, we were also able to make lighter weight and vibration resistant tools in some cases by using an internal honeycomb structure. (Turnaround time: 7 days)


Materials industry

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to form special parts to be used in in-house production lines. They asked us to do everything from creating 3D data from 2D drawings to carrying out 3D printing.

TAKANO Solution

We received 2D drawings from the customer and then carried out everything from creation of 3D data to 3D printing. We continue to receive orders from this customer for prototypes with slightly altered shapes. (Turnaround time: 5 days)


Optics industry

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to form parts for light collecting components with holes which could not be formed using conventional machining.

TAKANO Solution

We carried out repeated detailed meetings with the customer and were able to form the products according to their requests. Please contact us for a consultation if you any specific desired hole sizes or shapes. (Turnaround time: 2 days)(制作日数2日)。


Chemical industry

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to create research components out of mesh shapes and copper materials.

TAKANO Solution

As our company doesn’t handle copper materials, we instead copper plated the parts after forming. We have a proven track record in a variety of prototype products including mesh structures, lattice structures, honeycomb structures, and more.


Robotics industry

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to form prototype parts for construction equipment.

TAKANO Solution

In addition to carrying out frequent data exchanges, we also visited the customer and were able to form the customer’s desired products through repeated, close collaboration. (制作日数2日)。


IT/communications industry

Customer issues:

The customer wanted to form equipment bodies out of aluminum materials. The customer wanted us to not only help them reduce costs, but also use specialized R processing.

TAKANO Solution

After discussing with the customer, we determined that sheet metal was more suited to the customer’s needs than 3D metal printing, so we carried out the project using sheet metal processing. Processing of aluminum sheet metal is another of our company’s strengths. We can provide optimal products to fulfill your needs.


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