Let’s make interesting products together!

We value “collaborating with people”.
I want to create new things by working with various people.
Would you like to make “interesting” things with us?


Contract modeling from client companies

Customer:Contract modeling

We are delighted to support your challenge

Aluminum shaped products necessary for your work,We will make it together with a metal 3D printer.

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research Institute

Research institute: Joint research

I am delighted to contribute to the spread of metal 3D printer technology.

We have quantified the physical properties of metal 3D printer models so that customers can request with confidence.

We conducted a physical property test of aluminum in collaboration with the Nagano Prefectural Industrial Technology Center.
(For research institutes: We are happy to accept requests for modeling cooperation regarding metal lamination modeling technology and research that we can cooperate with.)

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Education: To learn experience

We are delighted to share our experiences with others

Practical training, study sessions, factory tours, etc. using metal 3D printers, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
Also, what I felt when I introduced it from the basic knowledge of metal 3D printers, Please ask anything, such as “I want to hear the truth.”

We held a workshop with the Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University.

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Overseas: Manufacturing

We are delighted to be able to work with people from overseas

Those who are interested in Japan, those who want to make things together, those who want to do research, etc. Please contact us first. We also want to work with you.

・ Adopted for the 2nd year of Reiwa Japan brand development support project
・Adopted by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to support the consortium of major exporters.

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Collaboration of sheet metal and 3D printer

Sheet metal: new metal processing

By combining our precision sheet metal and metal 3D printer technology, We propose the most suitable new metal processing for our customers. (The figure on the left shows the bending die used in-house. This is an example of modeling with a metal 3D printer)

We use 3D printers on our in-house production line.

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